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Production Management

Our approach to production management can be summarized as follows:
  • We will subdivide the production effort into a series of tasks.

  • Tasks are sorted by one of our Executive Producers and assignments are defined for the Production Managers.

  • All production deadlines and responsible individuals are logged into our project management system for tracking.

  • Weekly production meetings are used to review all assignments, and to identify any exceptions to the production schedule.

  • Hands-on, continuing quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) reviews by Senior Production Managers during all phases of the production process.

  • In Focus operates with a flat organizational structure. This creates a streamlined, highly responsive system of communications between the Executive Producers, Senior Producers, Production Managers, Writers, Field Producers, Camera Crews and Editors.

  • We will not only control and manage the production schedule but will also anticipate problems, develop creative solutions, and implement a set of actions before any problem arises.

  • We will follow-up on action items to ensure that planned actions are faithfully executed by a single responsible person

  • Our production management plan will promote efficiency, clarify communication protocols, provide direction, avoid misunderstandings, and govern the entire production process.

  • Our production management plan will clearly identify and plan for effective quality control and independent reviews, producing a result that exceeds the expectations of both the network and the participant.

  • We will constantly strive to meet and exceed the network's quality requirements and participant's expectations for every program that hits the air.

  • We will execute random inquiries into schedule adherence, work performance, quality control and production resource allocations to determine compliance with planned production goals.

  • Our Production Managers and Senior Producers will be in command and control of the project at all times. They will have the authority to marshal resources and correct problems without bureaucratic approvals.

  • We will also view the project from the participant's perspective. We will take the long view, examine issues in a strategic context and provide strategic and tactical recommendations to the participant for their feature story.