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About Us

In Focus is an award winning series that benefits from strategic partnerships with Public Television and a variety of nationally recognized content providers. These relationships, coupled with our commitment to production excellence, have placed us in a unique position in the educational television industry.

Each story is compelling and packed with critical information that will enrich the viewer's experience. In Focus is produced for both the industry professional and consumer alike, providing expansive knowledge on the latest advancements impacting our lives. As the In Focus team strives to meet and exceed participant and network expectations, our primary goals must always be centered on the viewer's educational needs.

At its core, In Focus utilizes their experience and expertise to provide the most crucial and enlightening programming available to millions of viewers worldwide.

Creativity and Experience

In Focus has organized one of the most creative and talented production teams in the industry. We have the depth, experience and resources to produce the highest quality programming available. In addition, our team utilizes HD equipment, state-of-the-art animation and next generation editing software, coupled with highly motivated people who care about excellence and who strive to exceed network and participant expectations.

We believe that our In Focus series program reflects the significant advantage we possess relative to our creativity and experience. This advantage is found in the level of attention paid to scheduling, production, management, distribution and quality control.